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  • Her 2005 book chapter, "Sewing for the Global Economy: Thread of Resistance in Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries" demonstrates that Vietnamese migrant workers, relying on their solidarity and historical resistance tradition, organize and fight against mobile global capital, with or without labor unions' assistance. Her ongoing works focus on the significance of native place, kinship & social networks, and gender in migrant labor organizing to respond to different types of capital entering into Vietnam. She also examines the rising dynamic roles of Vietnamese labor newspapers and local labor unions in supporting labor organizing and collective action in an emerging civil society in Vietnam.

    She loves to engage with students who are passionate about learning new ways of thinking, new research methods & tools, studying overseas, and having interests in political economy and cultures of Southeast Asia and their connections to American lives in our globally-interdependent world. So, do stop by her office and talk to her!

    Selected Publications

    *“Corporate Social Responsibility in Socialist Vietnam: Implementation, Challenges, and Local Solutions,” in Labour in Vietnam (edited by Anita Chan). Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2011
    *“Vietnamese Labor-Management Relations: Restructuring and Coping with the Global Economic Crisis." Fall 2009. Stanford: Spice Digest, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, http://spice.stanford.edu

    *The Third Sleeve: Emerging Labor Newspapers and the Response of Labor Unions and the State to Workers' Resistance in Vietnam, Labor Studies Journal, September 2007
    * Alternatives to "Race to the Bottom": Minimum Wage Strikes in Vietnam and Their Aftermath, Labor Studies Journal, (Winter 2007 or Spring 2008)
    * "Contesting 'Flexibility: Networks of Place, Gender, and Class in Vietnamese Workers' Resistance," a chapter in Taking Southeast Asia to Market: Commodifications under Neoliberalism and Beyond, edited by Nancy Lee Peluso and Joseph Nevins, Cornell University Press, 2008
    * "Sewing for the Global Economy: Thread of Resistance in Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries," in William Robinson and Richard Appelbaum (eds) Critical Globalization Studies, New York and London: Routledge, 2005
    * "Cautious Reformers and Fence Breakers: Vietnam's Economic Transition in Comparative Perspective," co-authored with David Smith in Modernization and Social Transformation in Vietnam: Social Capital Formation and Institution Building, Gerd Mutz and Rainer Klump (Eds.), IFA, Institut fur Asienkunde, Hamburg, 2005
    * Reaching for the Dream: Challenges of Sustainable Development in Vietnam, authored and co-edited with Melanie Beresford, NIAS Press (Nordic Institute for Asian Studies) and University of Hawaii Press, 2004
    * "What's Women's Work? Male Negotiations and Gender Reproduction in the Vietnamese Garment Industry," in Gender Practices in Contemporary Vietnam, Lisa Drummond and Helle Rydstrom (eds), Singapore University Press and NIAS Press, 2004
    * "Transnational Assembly Work: Vietnamese American Electronic and Vietnamese Garment Workers," in the special issue of Amerasia Journal: Vietnamese Americans Creating Diasporas and Destinies, UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press, 2003
    * "Gender Expectations of Vietnamese Garment Workers: Viet Nam's Re-Integration into the World Economy," in Gender, Household, State: Doi Moi in Viet Nam, edited by Jayne Werner and Daniele Belanger, Southeast Asia Program Publication (SEAP) Series, Cornell University Press, 2002
    * "Global Subcontracting and Women Workers in Comparative Perspective," in Globalization and Third World Socialism: Cuba and Vietnam, edited by Claes Brundenius and John Weeks, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: PALGRAVE (formerly Macmillan Press Ltd.), 2001
    * "Pacific Rim Connections: Relinking The Vietnamese Apparel Industry To The Global Economy" co-authored with David A. Smith, in International Studies Review, 3 (1): 85-107, South Korea: Institute for International Trade and Cooperation, Ewha Women's University, 2000
    * "Finding Homes in Moments of Connection," in Vietnamese Studies Journal, Hanoi, Vietnam: Volume 2, No. 137, 2000
    Contributor in Political Economy Section, in Christine Sleeter, "Culture, Difference and Power," (electronic book) Fall 2000 and Spring 2001
    * "Cautious Reformers and Fence Breakers: Vietnam's Economic Transition in Comparative Perspective," co-authored with David A. Smith, in Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 24 (1&2): 51-100, CSU Humboldt, 1998.
    * "Highlights of Women Workers in the Global Garment Industry," in Vietnamese Studies, special issue on Where is Vietnam's Economy?, Hanoi, Vietnam: The Gioi (The World) Publishers, No. 2, 1999
    * "Gia Cong va Lao Dong Nu trong Ky Nghe Det May Viet Nam," (Global Subcontracting and Women Workers in the Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries), a Vietnamese article in Thoi Dai Revue Vietnamienne D'etudes et de Debat, (Epoch Journal, Research and Dialogues), No. 4, Paris, France, 2000
    * "The United States Political-Economic and Cultural Geography" Chapter in a Vietnamese textbook, International Geography: East and Southeast Asia, Europe and the US (translated title from Vietnamese), Hanoi University of Business and Management Publishing House, 1998
    * "Through the Eye of the Needle: Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries Rejoining the Global Economy," in Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Vol. 10(2): 83-126, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University, 1996

Angie Ngọc Trần is Professor of Political Economy at CSU Monterey Bay. She teaches History of Economic Thought; Global Economics; Sweat, Service and Solidarity; Research Methodology, and co-teaches a class on Vietnam, U.S. and Asia Pacific. Her 2013 book, Ties That Bind: Cultural Identity, Class, and Law in Vietnam’s Labor Resistance (SEAP, Cornell University), analyzes Vietnamese labor protests from the French colonial period (in the early 20th century) to the global market system of the 21st century. Her 2012 co-authored book, Corporate Social Responsibility and Competitiveness for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Developing Countries: South Africa and Vietnam, helps to fill a gap in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) literature by bringing in voices of workers and owners of those SMEs. This research has led to several conference papers critiquing CSR, exposing yet another "fix" to sustain the global capitalist production and consumption. Her current project is on the full cycle of south-south global labor migration, focusing on Vietnamese migrants working in Malaysia and their return to Vietnam, bringing race/ethnicity (including the Kinh, Chinese, Muslim and Khmer), class, gender and workers' agency into her analyses.