The Global Studies major promotes a well-informed understanding and appreciation of the diversity of peoples, natural environments, cultures, economies, and political systems of the world. It directly contributes to your development as a cross-culturally competent citizen, and prepares you for an active and creative leadership role in an increasingly globalized society. Our program provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform effective roles in intercultural relations and to pursue a successful career in global affairs.

You will develop your knowledge of diverse worldviews, ideologies, principles, environmental sustainability, social change, economics, politics, culture, identity, ethnicity, race, class, gender, nationality, citizenship, peace ethics, and social justice. You will gain skills in the gathering and evaluation of global affairs information, the critical analysis of complex and controversial global issues, social research, oral and written communication, intercultural relations, foreign language, community service, and social action.

Fields of Study

~ International Relations
~ Global Political Economy
~ Religious Studies
~ Peace Studies


How does an evolving human community survive in the present day world? The answer lies in Global Studies. Your eyes will be opened... I promise.
~ Jeffrey Barcinas, GS Student


CSUMB includes a strong commitment to global education in its Vision Statement. The Department for Global Learning (DGL) in keeping with the mission of CSUMB promotes understanding and appreciation of the peoples, natural environment, cultures, economies, and diversity of the world. The BA degree in Global Studies contributes directly to the development of competent cross-cultural citizenship in a pluralistic and global society. The program meets the needs of the State of California by providing students an education that prepares them for professional roles the 21st Century. Through intensive, diverse studies the Department for Global Learning enables students to engage in the critical analysis of world affairs and gain knowledge and methods for implementing theory into practice.