Minor Overview

The Sociology Minor introduces the preparatory foundations of the "science of behavior both social and mental processes." It includes selected learning outcomes that ensure depth and breadth in sociological theory and practice.

Minor Advisors

~ Dr. George Baldwin
~ Dr. Armando Arias

~ Minor form

The Sociology Minor provides sufficient undergraduate preparation for the minimum entry requirements to an accredited graduate program in sociology without extensive additional upper-division coursework, although an introductory statistics course and a research methods course are recommended.

Integration with Majors

The Sociology Minor supports you if interested in applied research areas and fields such as classroom teaching, preschool teaching, business, human services, social work, gerontology, probation and law enforcement, and other health and human service careers.

Course Requirements

Learning Outcome 1: Sociological Foundations
Lower Division Preparation - One Required: Minimum of 3 units, maximum of 7 units

  • You must complete the following: SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology

Students may select a second lower level course under advisement if desired. Students should consult with the Sociology Minor advisor ( Dr. George Baldwin or Dr. Armando Arias) to receive assistance and approval for such a selection.

Sociology Learning Outcome II: Breath of Application
Upper Division Preparation - Three upper division courses required: Minimum of 9 units

  • Students must select three courses from the following list or request substitutions as approved by the student's advisor to fulfill sociology learning outcome II:
    SOC 310 / SBS 310 Classic Social Theory I - 2 units
    SOC 311 / SBS 311 Classic Social Theory II - 2 units
    SOC 327 /SBS 327 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - 3-4 units
    SOC 330 / SBS 330 Crime and Violence - 3-4 units
    SBS 331 Crime and Violence Lab - 1-2 units
    SOC 338 / Psych 338 Social Psychology - 3-4 units
    SOC 340 / Psych 340 Cross Cultural Human Development - 3-4 units
    SOC 350 / GS 350 Gender and Violence -3-4 units
    SOC 374 / GS 340 Sociology of Religion - 3-4 units
    SOC/SBS 351/351L: Introduction to Global Economics - 4-5 units
    SBS 366/367L: Research Methods and Data Analysis - 4-5 units

Our experience with the Sociology Concentration is that popular substitutions are typically courses from the Human Development Minor in Liberal Studies, courses in Collaborative Health and Human Services relating to the human services, pre-law courses in Human Communication, Service Learning, and the Panetta Institute's AmeriVista program. These courses are often prerequisites for competitive applications that our students submit for graduate study in sociology, counseling, and social work. We wish the minor to remain flexible and that relevant courses in other departments that have social science and sociology outcomes have the opportunity to be approved by the students' academic advisor and the SBGSS Division Chair and listed on their ILP for graduation.