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Current Activites:

Clinical Psychology: From Theory to Practice
     This semester, CSUMB psychology students will have the opportunity to learn about the field they plan to enter from experienced professionals who have taken leadership roles in the field of child welfare and mental health treatment throughout the country.
     In a unique collaboration between the psychology department and a nonprofit organization, long time psychology lecturer Kathryn England Aytes’ has partnered with Kinship Center, a member of the Seneca Family of Agencies, to offer students in her PSY 321-Clinical Psychology course a firsthand look at the field of child welfare and mental health. Using clinical theory, hands-on activities and on-site Kinship lectures, the course brings real life applications to students anticipating careers in the mental health field.
     Kinship Center has been honored nationally for its life-changing outcomes for more than 2,500 children each year through a variety of programs, including therapeutic foster care, kinship (relative) care, mental health services for children and families, intensive support for families in crisis, prevention programs to keep children out of child welfare, adoption and nationally recognized education and training for parents and professionals.
     The course, says England-Aytes, invites students to spend meaningful time on the Kinship campus, learning from experienced clinical professionals who can answer a variety of questions and offer advice from a real world perspective. Kinship Co-Founder and Executive Director for Seneca Family of Agencies, Carol Biddle, says she is delighted to partner with CSUMB to give students a better understanding of the practical applications of their educational program. Noting that Kinship has hired a number of CSUMB psychology graduates over the years, Biddle hopes this collaboration will provide greater opportunities for students to learn about the real world of behavioral health as they complete their education.  

SBS 385 Environmental History of California field trip to Monterey State Historic Park
Insert a description of the image here. SBS 385 Environmental History of California Field Trip to Monterey State Historic Park.
Insert a description of the image here. Interpreter 3 Michael Green addressing SBS 385 inside of the Custom House at the Monterey State Historic Park.