Join CSU Monterey Bay Professor Juan J. Gutiérrez and Professors Rafael Gomez and Carl Ferguson as they lead the Fourth Spain Summer Program in the historical Field Research School in Spaincommunities of the Province of León in Spain.This summer's program dates are June 1 - 30 and it includes two tracks:

Track 1. Ethnographic Global Service Learning

  • Learn by practicing the basic stages and methodologies of ethnographic field research.*
  • Earn experience in ethnographic methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Contribute to the expansion of the oral archives of the program La Alcordanza.

Track 2. Intermediate Spanish (SPAN201)

  • Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Spain.
  • Develop your proficiency while experiencing the Spanish lifestyle.
  • Complete your language requirement (GE area C3).

For Track 1 the experience consists of one month of intensive training in local communities. Students collect and analyze information under the direction of the program director, and will have an oppField Research School in Spainortunity to visit and learn about incredible anthropological, historical and cultural sites, such as the Human Origins Site of Atapuerca, medieval locations and cathedrals of northern Spain, and contemporary landmarks such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

For Track 2 the experience consists of one month of full immersion in the city of León. Students participating in this track will complete their GE learning requirement in full. They will have an oportunity to explore the local culture and visit historical and cultural sites, such as the famous city of Salamanca and the cosmopolitan city of Bilbao. 

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Application Deadline is February 15, 2015
Complete the pre-enrollment form here!

To submit your application visit the office of International Programs

Cost of the Program $2397.00. This includes local transportation, lodging and meals, field trips, and cultural and recreational activities. Students will additionally enroll through Extended Education in 4 (Track 2) to 6 (Track 1) units of academic credit and Service Learning accreditation. The cost for unit is $265.00. 

Grants and Scholarships. We have a limited number of spaces and scholarships available. An early application is strongly recommended. For more information on opportunities please contact Dr. Gutierrez.

Payment Schedule (Revised 1/8/2015)

April 1: $300 Deposit Due
April 15: First Installment Due $1,000 due. If drop by this date, receive refund of entire payment made.
April 30: Second Installment of $1,000 Due. If drop by this date, receive refund of payment made minus $300. If not paid a total $2,300 by this date, will be dropped from the class. Dropped students receive refund of payment made minus $300.
May 15: Final Installment of remaining balance due. Remaining balance includes payment of units for track 1 (6 units) or track 2 (4 units).

For additional information please contact the Office of International Programs. (831) 582-4500   Office: University Corporation Fax: (831) 582-4502

Informational meetings Building 86A, Conference Room, SBGS “Ocean Hall”
Contact Dr. Juan J. Gutierrez: For Track 2 please contact Dr. Rafael Gomez: